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Soul Source-ress.

Transforming Healing Into Empowerment

Hello, I’m excited to have you visit my site. This is where you find beyond the ordinary consultations, teachings, programs and services that will assist you in finding the clarity, direction and answers to making the life changes you desire.

You will discover what consciousness is and why it is essential to do it to overcome situations, issues, trauma, suffering and lack in our life.  Each consultation is practical to your life, providing spiritual counsel, clearings, teachings and the tools and applications relevant to the life experience you want to create.

Come with me on a journey of inner discovery of who you really are, into full empowerment and be the master of your life not a slave to your limiting issues.


Do you wonder...

Do you wonder...

  • Why you are here
  • What keeps you in the daily grind
  • Why illness has taken over your life
  • If you will ever feel joy and fulfillment in a life of purpose
  • How to overcome the negative mind chatter

You are the Answer.

The biography of your life, your beliefs, perspectives and physical body provide an energy map which I intuitively follow and read for direction, clarity and answers to your personal questions.  I work with the closed soul experience and reveal the intricate and complexity of your soul having a human experience in a way that makes it tangible to make changes and transitions you desire to feel happy, healthy and excited in life.

Beyond the Ordinary Consultation

How I work

How I work

HOW I WORK has a fresh positive approach, developed from years of experience as a therapist to men and woman from all walks of life. Our session together is conversational but with transformational discovery, by helping you find insight, resolution and a new awareness to your situation.  My service offers individual intuitive readings providing wisdom, guidance and expanded perspective to your issue.  Please keep in mind that I do not give predictions or offer financial, investment advice.

Each Consultation is different and may have Core Creative Consciousness teachings, powerful soul signature processes, light heartiness and the strength of a spiritual warrior to create a sacred space that is like a personal retreat, warm, compassionate and insightful.  I assist with your conscious journey and to find inspiration, clarity and resolve.  I may suggest specific practices to help you focus and transition into more life fulfilling directions.  Even if you don’t know where to begin, I provide a safe, relaxed invitation to voice your thoughts and feelings, where my expertise to follow your thought energy into timelines, dimensions and frequency fields assist to identify the root cause, provide answers to the mysteries of your life  and the practical tools to manifest change.

Work with me

Before our session together

Before our session together

I just ask you to set your intention for information that will move you forward without judgment or expectation of what the information should be.  A PDF with a link to your session will be sent with instructions. All consults are online.

No matter your work, profession, situation or issue, expanding consciousness provides an empowered perspective that focuses you into higher frequencies of awareness and the knowing YOU are SOURCE energy with unlimited possibility.

I would be honored to assist you in unleashing extraordinary momentum to your life.

Take the next step

Take the
Next Step

I offer consultations and programs and topics to expand your awareness of your source self and the infinite possibility within you and become unconditionally, unapologetically and powerfully in love with your creator self.

  • Learn to feel energized, joyful and inspired
  • Discover how to activate your astral body for self-healing
  • Finally feel at home in your body
  • Life enhancing activations
  • Enjoy inner peace and calm mind
  • Ignite self-love and empowerment


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