Transforming Healing

into Empowerment

Read more about my two signature treatments below.


Soul Signature Illumination Session

Soul Signature
Illumination Session

As a Soul Source-ress I have the great honour to meet you in the highest frequency fields of love and possibility, were I intuitively engage/interact and sense your soul personality, coloration, passion and drive upon this earth.  You are extraordinary and so unique that I would recognize your frequency anywhere in the cosmos, multi -universes, and galaxies, dimensions and beyond.

And I dearly want you to know yourself from your extraordinary Soul Source sovereignty and feel the empowerment to create health and wellbeing without the conflict between your altered ego mind and soul.

When we are not living life from our soul we feel confused and lost and out of sync with the flow of life. We can sense there is a way through the maze but can’t quite overcome the feeling that something is missing. We pour through books and ask for a sign to break the cycle and show us the way, only to experience a momentary surge of excitement then you’re plunged back into dullness and apathy to life.


Beyond the Ordinary

Beyond the

Spiritual Life Coaching is not an ordinary therapy, its galactic counseling, intuitive development, self-awareness and healing. Its essential empowerment and personal development, light being awakening and consciousness expansion.

This is a breakthrough conversational session, I will create high frequency sacred space to assist you into fulfilling life enhancing transitions and changes you are deeply desiring. Nothing is out of the ordinary to talk or ask about whether it’s your conscious journey or life complexities, anger, guilt, anxiety, confusion,  injuries and energy depletion to name a few, I ask for no judgment and openness to the guidance offered.

Whether you're new on the spiritual path or muddling along for years If you found this page then you are meant to be here, your soul reaching out to mine to aid your expansion even further upon your conscious journey.

No two sessions will be the same, readings are in the now and offered to provide clarity, focus, direction, love and confidence in your soul empowerment.  A reading may include processes to stabilize a higher frequency consciousness, tap into other lifeline gifts or aid in transforming energetic blockages and embodying the new, invigorated magical you.

Anything is possible when your thoughts are soul inspired with a fresh perspective.


The Four Planes Healing

The Four Planes

This package will give you an energetic tune up creating a holistic clearing, balancing and healing for the mind, body spirit and soul. Each session we focus on one area, with each session advancing on the previous and assisting to unlock and accelerate the healing in your body and into the next layer of your auric field. This process is done to expand your acceptance of higher frequency healing energy and also to stabilize and reinforce the progress achieved.

Each body of work provides an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the misalignment in your life that is creating disruption. The path of discovery is tailored specifically to your issue and the tools and techniques to clear and heal are unique for your situation, energy field and what you can accept as healing.

The Four Planes Healing package provides a wonderful introduction into consciousness frequency healing and the way I work as a Soul Source-ress Divine Connector & Master Healer and how I can assist you further for healing, clearing and change.