Soul Signature Illumination Session

Soul Signature
Illumination Session

As a Soul Source-ress I have the great honour to meet you in the highest frequency fields of love and possibility, were I intuitively engage/interact and sense your soul personality, coloration, passion and drive upon this earth.  You are extraordinary and so unique that I would recognize your frequency anywhere in the cosmos, multi -universes, and galaxies, dimensions and beyond.

And I dearly want you to know yourself from your extraordinary Soul Source sovereignty and feel the empowerment to create health and wellbeing without the conflict between your altered ego mind and soul.

When we are not living life from our soul we feel confused and lost and out of sync with the flow of life. We can sense there is a way through the maze but can’t quite overcome the feeling that something is missing. We pour through books and ask for a sign to break the cycle and show us the way, only to experience a momentary surge of excitement then you’re plunged back into dullness and apathy to life.


Unlocking Your Soul

The focus in this session is to open the channel to your soul light and tune your awareness to this flow of energy through your body. I become a communicator between your soul, source and your body, identifying blocks, tears and were your soul is sitting. Using guided meditation to assist you to breathe colour frequency and high vibrational thought into the limps and organs to unblock and repair areas that are in pain and holding fear. Relaxing and peaceful, powerful unleashment of soul empowerment is felt and stabilized

The Value In Soul Connection

“I finally feel at home, I feel like me” is the most common response I receive when we have worked together to unlock the body and expand your receptivity to your soul energy.   The “feeling at home” is so exquisite, natural and authentic, you will never want to abandon or disconnect yourself ever again from your infinite light being. The feeling brings a renewed sense of life, an unstoppable force of knowing and clarity.

Repairing, renewing and aligning to your soul light source awakens self honor and the glow of self-love is ignited. Trust in your intuitiveness can develop and an inner strengthen to make desired changes, pursue passions and dreams as you become your own source of inspiration.

The yearning to live life with an authentic rhythm rather than a carbon copy of someone else comes from the soul

What Affects Your Clear Connection To Soul?

Every one of you is unique, your approach to life varies from others yet the one thing everyone has in common is “We are energy beings”. And pinching of this flow, ignoring the instincts or hints from this energy source can start from birth, childhood and adolescent experiences, until in adulthood we are having health issues, energy fluctuations and just disappointment in life. Life seems to pass us by and we wonder will we ever have happiness, feel fulfilled or even understand what our life is about.

Often we hear the comment ever since this episode, illness, injury etc, I’ve never been right. So traumas can push the soul out of the body, energy centres in your body can be torn and dirty, the field of energy is draining or your embodiment process has been of fear.

The good news is this is all energy and energy can be changed. Soul connection is not separate from life, it is how your reality is being created. It is how this world is created and connected. It is not airy fairy stuff but it is magical and joyous, expansive and the key to unlocking clarity, success and peace in your life and for this world.