Ishtar Deerheart:
Intuitive Soul Source-ress,

Healer & Consciousness Teacher

Why I Do What I Do - Ishtar Deerheart

Why I do

What I do

Throughout my life I have had this inner capsule of knowing that I was meant for bigger things, it started from a download I had at 7 that said “the answers are within..” Ive been guided by this powerful force of energy ever since and was to sustain me through life as I healed trauma and emotional upheaval that undermined my purpose and peace. 

Not everyone gets an early jumpstart into their spiritual awakening or aware of celestial support.   Awakening my healing and intuitive abilities was a journey of inner discovery and it was the process of working through my life issues/traumas that I realized…I wanted to help others to connect to their extraordinary soul wisdom, discover the empowerment in consciousness expansion and awkaen the healer within.

My life has many clairvoyant visions, multidimensional interactions and intuitive awakening, but my spiritual practices in my early years were sporadic and the insights weren’t connected and only gave me blips of energy and hope but nothing transformational or lasting.  It took 2 very memorable psychic experience in one week to really wake me up to pursue this inner drive to find the truth.  I was going up the stairs to my house and a powerful force threw me backwards a couple of feet on to the ground and I heard “no more.”  The second was I woke up blinded which lasted for a couple of days. 

I knew  in that moment I had to connect with this inner truth that had sustained me all these years, I went through quite a lot, I lived rurally without power or neighbors, I started doing doing intuitive healing work.  But it was living rurally with all the elements and animals that opened my intuitive abilities and realize this interconnectedness of the all and I awakened to my God self.  I came to love meditation and master this skill, that 30 years on has contributed to my gift as a multidimensional healer and teacher.

Ishtar Deerheart - Light Bringer to the Heart

Ishtar Deerheart

Light Bringer to the Heart

Following my guidance I changed my name to Ishtar Deerheart unleashing alignment to my gifts talents and purpose in this life experience. 

After following a dream I moved my family to New Zealand, pursuing the art of natural therapies, gaining Bachelors and degrees in multiple therapies. I opened my first healing clinic Orion Therapies in 2010. But it really was my inner spiritual work, the sense to understand life, to know who I was and why was I here that accelerated my expertise as an energy healer and intuitive soul reader.

What is My Soul's Mission

What is My Soul's Mission

You Ask?

I know I came here to expand my consciousness and bridge the division of my human perceptions into infinite knowing I am Source. Daily I work on expanding my awareness and coming into the knowing I am A SOUL having a human experience and living from my truth as a light being with joy, love and peace. Some days are easier than others, but I don’t give up, I live what I teach and this has become my life work to help you awaken and bridge the disconnection and confusion between your higher self-guidance and social conditioning and finally have the knowledge to conquer the battles on your journey.

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Judith, Hawkes Bay

Ishtar is the person I turn to when I need to regain a little inner strength.  We all have struggles from time to time, both physical and emotional, and it is so nice to have Ishtar’s healing ability available to me. She works with a natural ‘magic’ strength to bring you to focus on your inner self and restore and heal through the power of Light Therapy as well as the special energy she has within herself that she imparts to you. Often pain we feel can be the result of emotional upset or trauma.  I have very little pain in my body now and no pain at all in a hip that caused me issues over many years. Using the power of Light Therapy Ishtar quietly and softly can re direct deeply held ‘old life wounds’, and help you accept and move through both physical trauma, and the emotional and spiritual stresses that are inside us all, allowing you to grow through your own life experiences, and find a higher level of consciousness.  After I’ve had an hour with Ishtar I feel refreshed and more balanced and accepting of myself, and see the strengths that I have far more clearly.  If you are someone who wants to grow and be a more grounded version of yourself, have a conversation with Ishtar as I’m sure you’ll feel the same level of healing and enlightened energy that I have over the last 6 years. Thank you Ishtar – You are my ‘magic healer’.  I value your wonderful warm attitude, without judgement.

Paula Vintiner

"My healing experience with Ishtar was profoundly healing. Before my first session, I felt disconnected from myself, depleted energetically and desperately needing to revamp my self-care practices. I had also been struggling to heal from a physical injury and lacked the strength and mindset to work effectively and with clarity. Ishtar set me back on the path to wellness, helping to clear space, release attachments and find myself again, facilitation my resurgence and a return to wholeness, fulfilment and joy. Heartfelt gratitude for you and your gifts Ishtar"

Pollyanna, Hawkes Bay

"I first came to Ishtar to be massaged, she has been doing that over many months. She has spoken to me about healing ones soul, I learn something new every time. One particular time she took me back to my husband Colin who I had problems with emotionally and how he treated me. I would get angry with him and as time went on I hated myself for reacting to him in a negative way. Ishtar helped me understand that sometimes we block our subconscious mind and she was able to channel into my soul and open the healing between my husband and myself. I am grateful to Ishtar, this has helped heal my body and my soul."

Karen, Hawkes Bay

"Looking back over the last 18 months or so, my journey of self-awareness has emerged from what seemed to be an ever-increasing sense of unrest, dissatisfaction, self-doubt, anxiety and the recognition that something was just not quite right. At my first appointment with Ishtar, I wasn't sure of what to expect or what I wanted from the process as I had no clear understanding of my state of feeling or why. However, what has evolved through our meetings is a consciousness of developing inner calm and acceptance, not just of myself, but of others around me. From the perspective of internal self-worth, gratitude and love, Ishtar has provided me with guidance to be in the present, and my default reference points are shifting. I'm still the same person, but I'm learning what that is, and it's an exciting process. Thanks Ishtar x."

Nick Neilson

"I met Ishtar when I was looking to repair my body after some old sporting injuries were limiting my mobility. Over the course of time she healed these and I went from being unable to walk properly and without pain to a pain free state. During these treatments Ishtar discussed with me many aspects of the Spiritual World and how this relates to our current Human experience. I am not a man prone to “Mumbo Jumbo” and can say from my own personal experience that Ishtar has the wisdom and knowledge to help mankind as we all slowly wake up to the truth of our existence. I highly recommend her services to anyone that seeks to manifest a better World both within themselves and out into your communities. Yours sincerely Nick Neilson"