The Four Planes Healing

The Four Planes

This package will give you an energetic tune up creating a holistic clearing, balancing and healing for the mind, body spirit and soul. Each session we focus on one area, with each session advancing on the previous and assisting to unlock and accelerate the healing in your body and into the next layer of your auric field. This process is done to expand your acceptance of higher frequency healing energy and also to stabilize and reinforce the progress achieved.

Each body of work provides an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the misalignment in your life that is creating disruption. The path of discovery is tailored specifically to your issue and the tools and techniques to clear and heal are unique for your situation, energy field and what you can accept as healing.

The Four Planes Healing package provides a wonderful introduction into consciousness frequency healing and the way I work as a Soul Source-ress Divine Connector & Master Healer and how I can assist you further for healing, clearing and change.


Four Planes Healing is for those

  • Need a quick tune up
  • New and curious about spiritual healing
  • Patterns you don’t understand and why they keep recurring
  • Depleted of energy
  • Can’t find purpose and drive in life
  • Want to investigate and experience an advanced quantum healing approach
  • Pretty positive, but an event has triggered imbalance and want to realign to your optimistic nature

Results will vary to each individual’s level of consciousness and issue we are addressing

  • Calms and rebalances the mind. Gain fresh perspective on an issue and the confidence to accomplish your desires
  • Feel inspired and connected to yourself and back on path to your goals
  • Optimistic sense of purpose
  • Re-energize and renewed vitality
  • Gain a holistic understanding of your issue
  • Reach a new level of personal development
  • Activates healing
  • Initiates self-love

Four Planes Healing

Note. We may do 1 or more sessions in either one of the four planes depending on what you are presenting with.

Homework is provided. This is your responsibility to follow this up or not. Your success in maintaining the progress is up to you and if you choose to persist with the tools for transformation provided.

Session #1 Mind

Your mind, your consciousness is the beginning point to discover were your perspective is and where your core thought process has influenced your life, situation and issue. Your thoughts are the driving component to how your body responds, if your energy fields are resilient and healthy or sluggish and depleted. Whether its illness, disease, confusion, misdirection, non-motivation, depression, misalignment to life we uncover the core perspective and hidden emotional aspects that become recurring patterns and unrest in your life. And here I reveal what the easy way is to tell if it is soul guidance or just mind chatter.

This excavation work to uncover and discover the unconscious perspectives about yourself, health and life is the foundational work to create a permanent transition and open the energy fields for advanced healing in the body, spirit and soul.


The body is were humans start to become aware something is wrong. It could be exhaustion, pain, illness or things just start to pile up and stress starts dominating your daily life.

There is an electric magnetic light field within and around the body. It is this light energy field that we will actively work with to welcome in change. The light field is frequency and is directly related to your thoughts and feeds back to you energy also.

In this wonderful relaxing session I use a creative approach with a guided energetic meditation to activate healing and empowerment to align with your goals and affirmations. You will be pleasantly surprised by the experience and your own intuitiveness


For this appointment we work to heal and strength your spirit connection and expand your receivership for new resolution and solutions to your life issues. I start repairing tears, blockages of energy and other energetic restrictions in the spirit field that influence your ability to sustain the momentum and connection to health, happiness and fulfilment.


The soul is the essential component of you that magnifies confidence, vibrant health, happiness and fulfilment. In this session we build on your healing work achieved throughout this package and come to alignment to your soul essence. We uncover your soul from the crustation of being ignored, judged and supressed and tune you into recognizing the loving guidance from your soul.

This is where you start to experience the extraordinary feeling of being home in your body and initiate the journey to self-love and self-acceptance. You will have the knowledge to know when you are misaligned or in alignment to your soul guidance and have the ability to self-correct in a moment and start living life as an adventure.